Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Weeks List

I finished the chemo quilt top over the weekend, cut the back and the batting.  I need to go get some thread for quilting.  I thought I had the right color, but it is the kind of thread that gums up, unravels, and breaks in Priscilla.  I do wish there was someplace close that sold Superior threads.  Alas, I will have to find something else that will work.  That is on my to do list for this week.
I should have posted this yesterday, but I was busy in the studio all day.  This is my list of things I want to get done this week.
 1.  Get all my quilty mailing done.
2.  Quilt and bind the chemo quilt.
3.  Start pulling fabric to audition for the Coming Home quilt.
4.  Start cutting and piecing blocks for the Tea Party quilt.
5.  Iron all the fabric I washed over the weekend.
6.  Finish For Madame - the UFO from 30+ years ago.
7.  Get new D9P blocks pieced.

This looks pretty ambitious.  I believe in setting high goals.  What does your to do list look like this week?
I will leave you with this cute Scottie dog fusible applique block done for a presentation quilt for my guild.

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