Thursday, February 24, 2011

A stone church and a French braid

Today, I worked more on Coming Home blocks.  I did the church in the upper left corner and the French braid that goes next to the star under the church.  The church is 18 x 18.  When I look at the design on the grid paper, I have a hard time realizing how big it is going to be.  It is a good sized church.
I went through my stash looking for something to use for the building and came up with this fabric that looks like stone.  I love old stone churches, so this was perfect.  I also found fabric that looks like stone tiles for the roof and a cool brown for the door.  I love the pink floral that looks like rose glass windows.  In the box of browns, I also found the tree bark for the tree trunks.  I think there is enough for all the trees in this quilt.  Once I had all the fabrics, including two blues, I started cutting based on the drawing, remembering to add seam allowances.  I was so proud of myself when I started sewing everything together and it all worked out.  The measurements were correct, and the seams all worked out.  It was very encouraging.

The French braid was not so easy.  I had the perfect fabric, a candy bar from Moda.  I think it is Luna Notte or something like that.  My friends told me this would be so easy to do.  I am sure it is much easier with a pattern.  I tried to create my own foundation, and this is what I got.  First of all, it was supposed to be two inches wider than it is.  I was thinking 6.5 but drew 4.5.  I was more than half-way done when I realized my mistake.  I decided to keep going and create a filler strip.  I really like these fabrics, so I am going to make it work.  One day, I will find a pattern and try this again.  I think I know where I went wrong.  It is very time consuming, but that is because I have my iron set up in the other room.  It is my exercise program.  Sew a seam.  Walk to the other room to iron.  Back to the studio.    Great plan, don't you think.
Here is the upper left area as it will go into the quilt.

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mjdedwards said...

Miki,love your church, its so warm and cozy and inviting. Love the way you made the windows glow. Your French Braid is very impressive and I love the colors. Your such a good artist.

Love Diane