Saturday, September 17, 2011

Making more fabric

The first thing I worked on this morning was my challenge from Modern 8 Create.  I had to build another block like the second one I did.  As I was putting together the quadrants, I had a brainstorm about adding the inner border pieces as I went.  When I had all the quadrants together, I started playing with them and found at least four ways to put the block together.  Instead of choosing just one of them, I am going to make them all using different shades of the blues, purples, and greens.  I can even see more ways to change these blocks.  When they are all done, they will make an interesting quilt.

The second project was to finish Tom's birthday present.  I will post it here on Wednesday, after he opens it.  I sure hope he likes it.
After that, I started making fabric for the background for a small quilt.  Over at Quilters, Books, and Bindings, we all just finished The Lover's Knot by Clare O'Donohue.  Each of us is creating our own quilt that interprets the book, or some aspect of the story, in our own way.  My quilt will have flowers growing out of the red area.  Cathy did a wonderful AAQI quilt representing a place in the story.  This group is new, but I think it will grow as we read and post more.

As I started looking at the red, green, and gold made fabric blocks for my Christmas quilt, I had an idea about putting the Virgin of Guadalupe in the center.  I think I really like it.  I will leave it there as I continue to build fabric blocks.  I think she will add quite a bit to the quilt.
All in all, it has been a good day in the studio.  I have another studio day tomorrow.  Who knows what will happen then.  In the mean time, joyful quilting, everyone.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Modern Quilting and Me

I have been thinking about writing this post for a long time.  Ever since I read the first "dumbing down of quilting" post on someones blog.  Since I have only returned to quilting in the last couple of years, I discovered a whole new world out there.  Moda fabrics, rotary cutting tools, healing cutting mats, and very easy HSTs.  It seemed to me that all the new possibilities were fantastic.  Then came all this discussion about modern quilting.

When I first started back, I was certain I would be a very traditional quilter.  I just didn't know another way.  I liked all the old stars and flying geese, and Baltimore appliques.  I still like them.  I love the traditional look of designers like Kansas Troubles.  Then I discovered Sandy Gervais and made my first quilt after 30 years.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of it, and it just moved to France.  Shortly after that, I discovered Victoria at 15 Minutes Play, and a new world opened up to me.

I could make fabric out of scraps and just watch it grow with no preset plan.  I love playing with fabric this way.  Giving myself permission to play was just what I needed.  From then on, I wasn't afraid to tackle anything.  I even decided to try a little art quilting.

I have designed and created what I think is defined as a modern quilt.  I only say this because other people have told me it is modern.

Right now, I am working on an art piece, a couple of traditional pieces, a couple of samplers, a block from the Rose of Sharon book (well, I have taken some elements from a couple of different blocks to create a new one), a couple of modern quilts, some challenges, a 15 Minute quilt, and another intuition quilt, just to name a few things.  So, what kind of quilter does this make me?  Oddly enough, I think it makes me a modern quilter.
I guess I see modern quilting as having choices to do it all if we want to.  If you want to make several quick and easy quilts to donate to charity or give as gifts, I think that is just a valid as wanting to take several months or years to make one quilt to enter into one of the big shows.  It is all part of the connection with quilters throughout time who have taken what they had to create warmth, beauty, and sometimes camaraderie.  I like being part of that continuum.  If you want to read more writings by quilters on what their definition of modern quilting is, drop by the NYC Mod blog and scroll through the articles written to accompany pieces for their travelling show about modern quilting.
Joyful quilting, everyone.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Beautiful Day at Mt. Rainier in photos

Mt. Rainier from Sunrise on the NE side of the mountain

Alpine meadows were full of wildflowers.

The White River originates at the base of Emmons Glacier.

Have a joy filled day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A star for a hero, and building more fabric

Yesterday, I got a small package from Victoria that included small small pieces of camouflage fabric.  She invited 24 of us to use camo scraps to build a 12.5" square that she will include in a Quilt of Valor.  This is my block.  I love the idea stars for hero quilts, so I designed this star so I could use as much of the camo I got as possible.  That is how I started my day today.

Then, I decided to tackle a new challenge Victoria put up on 15 minutes Play.  The goal is to find an inspiration shirt with colors I don't use that often.  Then find scraps in those colors and build 6.5" squares of made fabric. I picked this thrift shop shirt that I just love.  It was well loved and has a very soft feel, but it is still strong.  I started pulling reds and greens, and decided to make a Christmas quilt without actually using any Christmas fabric.  I am going to try and use the inspiration fabric in every block.  Here are my first six blocks. 97 more to go. This is going to take me a while.

Before I left the studio, I pulled the fabrics I am using for a quilt for our son and daughter-in-law.  Aren't these yummy?
I printed out a couple of copies of my Bella's Star quilt pattern and started coloring in the blocks.  It got very confusing, so I cut the little pieces up and had Hugh, Cyrielle, and Tom put them the way they thought the quilt would look best.  Amazingly enough, they were all very different, and different from all the ones I did.  I took photos of each of their designs and will post them later. 
Hugh and Cyrielle are staying with us for a few days before the move to France, Cyrielle's home.  Tomorrow, we are going to drive up to Sunrise on Mt. Rainier.  It is always beautiful up there.  Hopefully, the predicted fog will lift by the time we get there.  That means I won't be in the studio for a few days.  Maybe, I will post some photos of our trek.
Have a joyfilled day, everyone.