Sunday, September 11, 2011

A star for a hero, and building more fabric

Yesterday, I got a small package from Victoria that included small small pieces of camouflage fabric.  She invited 24 of us to use camo scraps to build a 12.5" square that she will include in a Quilt of Valor.  This is my block.  I love the idea stars for hero quilts, so I designed this star so I could use as much of the camo I got as possible.  That is how I started my day today.

Then, I decided to tackle a new challenge Victoria put up on 15 minutes Play.  The goal is to find an inspiration shirt with colors I don't use that often.  Then find scraps in those colors and build 6.5" squares of made fabric. I picked this thrift shop shirt that I just love.  It was well loved and has a very soft feel, but it is still strong.  I started pulling reds and greens, and decided to make a Christmas quilt without actually using any Christmas fabric.  I am going to try and use the inspiration fabric in every block.  Here are my first six blocks. 97 more to go. This is going to take me a while.

Before I left the studio, I pulled the fabrics I am using for a quilt for our son and daughter-in-law.  Aren't these yummy?
I printed out a couple of copies of my Bella's Star quilt pattern and started coloring in the blocks.  It got very confusing, so I cut the little pieces up and had Hugh, Cyrielle, and Tom put them the way they thought the quilt would look best.  Amazingly enough, they were all very different, and different from all the ones I did.  I took photos of each of their designs and will post them later. 
Hugh and Cyrielle are staying with us for a few days before the move to France, Cyrielle's home.  Tomorrow, we are going to drive up to Sunrise on Mt. Rainier.  It is always beautiful up there.  Hopefully, the predicted fog will lift by the time we get there.  That means I won't be in the studio for a few days.  Maybe, I will post some photos of our trek.
Have a joyfilled day, everyone.


Em said...

Miki, I hope the weather permits lovely photo! I just had the most lovely visit in Seattle and got to play with Nifty! I am interested in the latest V project and will have to head over. I love what I have done! Em

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