Friday, September 9, 2011

Friendship stars and card tricks

As part of the October challenge over at Modern 8 Create, I had to create a card trick block.  This is the first time I have been really successful with this block.  I actually made two of them, cut apart the second one and created this.

If you want to see more interesting things people are doing with this block, head on over to Modern 8 Create.
I also spent some time working on Hokule'a.  I built a stack of friendship stars out of old shirts, a muumuu, and some bright gold batik. This is where she is now,

I have decided to keep the star in the lower right corner as I build the quilt.  I am actually listening to what the quilt wants on this one.  I have quite a bit of Hawaiian fabric left to use from yardage I bought when I lived there as from clothes we no longer wear.  I have another quilt in progress using some of this fabric.  I will show it later when I get more done.
The last thing I did today was make my September quilt for AAQI.  I am calling it Calm.  Be sure and check out the other mini art quilts for sale over at the AAQI site.

We are having company for the next three days, then I am back with Bella on Tuesday, so I may not be posting much for the next week or so.  I will do what I can.
Joyful quilting, everyone.


sheila 77 said...

Terrific AAQI quilt, Miki, very peaceful. One day, when you have a bit more time, maybe you'll put us out of our misery and give us a clue as to how you do those wonderful circles. I loved a previous one with the purple outline, very clever. Cutting up the card trick block has given a new very interesting block. Have a good time with your visitors and Bella.

Karen said...

Wow! Your Hokule'a quilt is awesome. Your AAQI quilt does look calm and peaceful. I would love to see your card trick quilt not as normal card trick blocks. I think this would make an interesting quilt. Enjoy your company.

Sarah Craig said...

Love the altered Card Trick block, Miki! Very cool!! And Calm is just that - very very beautiful.

Have fun with Bella!!

Linda said...

I LOVE the Hawaiian quilt! What gorgeous colors and design!

Cathy said...

I so enjoy reading your blog. You always have such wonderful projects to share. Have fun with Bella and look forward to hearing from you soon. Hugs

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Love your off centered star quilt! you are LISTENING VERY WELL! ;-) love it!