Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back finished and a fun quiltalong

I finished the back for the wedding quilt.  I think it looks very modern.  As I was sewing on it, and the black was picking up every piece of stray thread around, I thought I was very silly for making a black back for a couple who have two long haired kitties.  It is a good thing it is washable, in the machine.  These are the colors they are decorating with, and I hope they like the quilt.  The wedding is only three weeks away, so I need to go get thread today and start quilting.
I also pulled some fabrics for a quilt for Bella.  A girl can never have too many quilts.  This one will be very simple.  Her Grandma Diane is the spectacular quilter who creates beautiful works of art in a traditional style, and Bella is lucky to have three of them.  I will stick to a plain nine patch to add to the mix.

Bella loves pink and purple and polka dots.  She picked out the fairy fabric.  It will be the center square in each block.
I have also decided to join a Jacob's Ladder quiltalong at Adventures of the Empress of the Universe.  She is using a pattern by Bonnie Hunter that I fell in love with, except for the yellow.  I decided to use older style florals and pulled these beauties from my stash.

I will have to find more for the entire quilt, but these are enough to get me started.  Now, I have to decided on a solid for the ladder part.  I think I will check out some kona colors and see what strikes my fancy.  This will be added to my stack of ongoing long term projects to be squeezed in between quilts to make for others.  I do love to have many projects going at once.  I have read others call this quilter's ADD.  This, added to my quilter's dyslexia, keeps quilting interesting and challenging.
Joyful quilting, everyone.

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sheila 77 said...

You are too amazing! I loved Bella and Tom's quilt design in a previous post. And yes, I have had the great iron melt, with a synthetic organza I thought was silk organza. As it was part of a basic seam it was even more exciting. The new quilt-along sounds fun.