Sunday, September 25, 2011

A mystery solved

I have been working on this mystery quilt like a good little quilter, doing each step as it was given to us.  Today, I started putting it all together.  I started out using a bunch of fat quarters in fall colors.  I tried to sort the fabrics into lights and darks, but found that I had to kind of wiggle a bit with the "light."  I do love the colors.  I still have some sewing to do, then a border to add.  I am going to donate this one to BASICs.  To find out more about this, head over here.  This current drive is the brainchild of Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Pat Sloan.  If you have any undesignated quilts, this is a great place to consider donating one.

I also made fabric blocks for the Christmas quilt.  If I can make a few every time I am in the studio, I will grow this quilt before I know it.   Right now, I need to go work on hand stitching binding down on the wedding present quilt.  Black to black with black thread.  Remind me not to do this again.  It is much too hard on my old tired eyes. 
Did you see the new button on the right side?  The first block for the Blogger's BOM is up and ready to make.  Just click on the button to head over to Canton Village Quiltworks to find out all about the project and find the link for the first block.
Joyful quilting, everyone.