Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Review - More Fabric Art Collages by Rebekah Meier

I have joined the Creative Troupe at C & T Publishing, and found a book I wanted to review to share with you. Before I started quilting, I was making art collages with paper. In a way, this prepared me to become a quilter. I found this book very interesting because it combines my love of fabric with my enjoyment of creating collage.

More Fabric Art Collage
Rebekah Meier
C & T Publishing 2012
122 pages
More Fabric Art Collage by Rebekah Meier is a jam packed overview of the art of paper and fabric collage.  From Chapter 1 – Tools and Supplies to the gallery at the end, Meier provides rich photographs of projects that showcase what can be done with cotton fabric, quilt batting, dryer sheets, tea bag paper, paper towels, crinoline, and silk.  She also explains how to incorporate non-woven fabrics like Lutradur, Tyvek fabric, and Spunbound in creating art pieces.  Tools and techniques are described well enough to help the new collage artist begin to explore options they may have overlooked before.  Meier gives good basic directions for small projects with most of these supplies throughout the book.  Her directions for using quilt batting as a basis for creating a tapestry with surface stitching, colored pencils, paint, and three dimensional embellishments caught my eye. While this is not an in-depth look at all the pros and cons of using any of the described tools and supplies, I appreciated finding this beautifully illustrated book with so much basic information on the subject of creating fabric art collages.

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