Sunday, March 20, 2011

Productive Studio Day

I had a great day in the studio today.  It has been a while since I had a whole day to play.  I built five blocks, quilted one, and added decorative stitches to another. 
The first block was a practice piece so I could try reverse applique.  When I was growing up, my mother had a wonderful wall hanging called a mola.  It was made by layering different colored fabric, then cutting out small designs and needle turning the raw edges.  I have always wanted to try this technique, so today I grabbed some pinks from the stash.  I started by drawing a large circle on a 9.5 inch piece of fabric.  Then I put another piece of fabric face up behind the circle and stitched on the circle line.  I cut away the top fabric close to the stitching, then covered the edge with a fancy stitch.  Next, I drew a smaller circle on the top fabric that overlapped the first circle.  I selected a new fabric to put in back, and followed the same procedure, using a different fancy stitch.  The third circle is smaller and has a dark fabric.  I cut away the extra fabric on the back as I went.  I quilted it with echo stitching on the machine.  The fabric at the bottom right is the binding wrapped on card stock.  Here is a detail shot of the fancy stitching.

After I finished this one, I decided to create a new Alzheimer's quilt out of a piece I started earlier.  I added a narrow turquoise border, and some meanders of decorative stitches.  I like where it is going, but I have to be careful about the size.  I took this photo before I pressed the borders.  They are actually even but the angle I took the photo makes them look crooked.

I made two new blocks for the Market Basket quilt.  I am really loving this quilt.  My goal is to make two blocks a day until I have 25.  As I cut each food fabric for the block, I also cut the rectangles needed for the sashing.  I will put them all together when I have all the blocks together

Finally, I cut some flannel for a new preemie quilt and built a block.  Unfortunately, I didn't buy enough of the fabric on the outside, so I will have to make another trip to the fabric store.   Too bad ;)  Don't you just love the little pink elephant?


Jann Gougeon said...

The top image! Circles! . . my thing . . and that applique stitching . . love stitching.

Cathy said...

Miki, I love your quilts. I have a couple of Mola pieces. The reverse applique is wonderful. Your Alzheimers quilt is terrific. I just sent one in and want to do another. I also like your Market Basket blocks. Great job. Hugs.

greelyrita said...

What lovely experimenting. I have trouble getting to that kind of time. Whoop! Whoop!

Sarah Craig said...

Miki, those are all so beautiful! I love your reverse applique block, and want to try the technique sometime soon. And I love that little elephant! Whoop whoop!

Quiltstory said...

Those are great little blocks, I am so impressed! Very productive! Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)