Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Convergence start

I started with two lovely pieces of batik that I purchased in a scrap box from Carol Doak.  There was this turquoise piece and a purple piece, amongst a total of 42 different fabrics.  I was blown away with the quality and size of these "scraps."  I was also very excited to see them all in my colors.  I cut 16" squares from the turquoise and purple. stacked them, and made three curved cuts.

I swapped out the center piece can came up with these two squares.  I cut each one in different width strips, and alternated them.  I didn't take photos of this step because it is much better explained in Ricky Tims' book about Convergence quilts.  I have talked about this book before.  I really like the way each technique is explained and there are great examples for inspiration.

This is what I got after I sewed all the strips together.  It is 15" by 24.5".  I am going to add a border and use it as a table runner on the coffee table in Tom's photo studio.  I just love these colors and the leafy pattern on the purple fabric.  The color difference is subtle between the two fabrics I selected, but I can still see the curved elements, and I like what they are doing.  Next time, I may try more contrasting fabric.  I know I will be making more.  I am even learning to enjoy sewing curves.

I also made two more blocks for the Market Basket quilt.  I still have to come up with a name for this one.  I did go pick up three more fabrics for the last three blocks.  I got bananas, carrots, and mixed berries.  This is going to be one yummy quilt.

Joyous quilting, everyone!

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