Thursday, March 24, 2011

Patriotic Log Cabin block

I have finally decided on a pattern for the American Hero quilt I want to make this year. I am going to alternate log cabin blocks and Ohio star blocks.  I made my first log cabin block today.  I haven't made one before and didn't have a pattern, so I played around until I got the colors cut the right lengths and in the right order.  I never seem to be able to take photos to show the straight even lines that are really in the blocks.  I am pleased with how this turned out.  I still need to get more red, blue, and cream fabrics to build the whole quilt, but I have enough now for a good start.
I have been reading bits and pieces about the history of the log cabin block.  Most of the pieces I read say it is a truly American block that originally symbolized home and hearth during the pioneer days.  I found an article today that takes the pattern back to Egyptian times.  This article talks about the popularity of the pattern on the Isle of Man where they didn't have scissors or rulers, so they tore the strips and used finger lengths to measure.  The article also says the Log Cabin quilt is always tied instead of quilted.  I am not going to tie my quilt because I don't really like that look.
The rest of my studio time was filled with cutting the rest of the squares and rectangles of food fabric, and creating half-square triangles for the market basket quilt.  As I got to counting blocks, I realized I need three more food fabrics.  I will try and pick them up tomorrow.  I don't need much, but I really don't want to duplicate any blocks. 
Happy quilting, everyone.

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Brita said...

I love log cabin quilts, and it's on my make-soon list! Keep posting the progress, it will keep me focused on making one! I don't recall seeing one with alternating Ohio star blocks, I guess, sounds interesting.