Saturday, March 5, 2011

In search of quality fabric on sale

I put all the cut up pieces of the D9P on the design wall.  I played with them for a while, and I think this is how they will be sewn together.  One of the things I don't like about working with charm packs, when I am working with more than one, is the number of repeated fabrics.  For some reason, it really bothered me with this project.  I like the way it looks now, but I was really struggling with it.  Now, all I need is to sew it together and find some border fabric and backing.  No easy trick for someone on a budget.

I set off early this morning to go to SewExpo 2011.  I wasn't going to go because I really don't have money to spend, and it was a bit of a hassle to get there and find parking.  I decided to go at the last minute because I foolishly believed that since sewing machines would be at special show prices, so would fabric and thread.  Boy, was I naive.  The prices were outrageous at almost every booth.  I enjoyed looking around, seeing all the new fabrics and quilt ideas, but I didn't buy much.  I did, however, meet Ricky Tims and buy his book about convergence quilts.  Now that I looked up the Amazon site for the book, I wish I hadn't purchased it at the expo.  It is $5.00 cheaper on Amazon.  Live and learn.  I did get to talk to Ricky for a few minutes about his Rhapsody quilts.  I have the start of a pattern for the background pieces.  He gave me some good advice.  Maybe I will do this after all.  Of course, that would mean purchasing fabric.  I will just have to keep scouring the sales.

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ZenDotStudio said...

Love these colours, so soft and gentle. I can see from this how much fun it would be to move the pieces around until it feels just right. Alot like abstract collage!

And I am finding this about books too. Sadly it is often so much cheaper to buy them online. I was looking at a book I am contemplating buying and there was a $10 between online and in store price at the same shop (Chapters/Indigo here in Canada). I worry that small bookshops will disappear.