Monday, February 27, 2012

Primitiva quilt update

All the snowball blocks are now pieced and everything is on the design wall.  It is always amazing to me how the camera will pick up and focus on oranges and yellows to the detriment of all the other colors.  This entire quilt is very vibrant, and while the orange is very bright and exciting, it doesn't dominate this much in real life.  Tom is really happy with how this is coming along.  We had an interesting discussion about adding a border or just binding it as it is.  I was in favor of the latter because I felt a border would put a stop to all the energy flowing out of this quilt.  Then, we started looking at some of the different fabrics, and found one we thought would encourage the movement.  I decided to order it, and will add a border after all.  It is really great to have a husband with a good sense of color and design who is willing to enter into these discussions with me, and understand what I am talking about.  I am already thinking about quilting.  I would like to hand quilt a motif in each of the orange blocks, but I haven't come up with a brilliant idea yet.  There are some really big and bold flowers in some of the prints.  Maybe I will do something like that, and probably do it with the machine. 
After I cut off all the snowball corner triangles, I ended up with 84 half square triangle units to play with.  I am looking forward to making a smaller quilt with these later in the spring.  For now, I am going to put them away.  I need to get my stack of finished tops quilted.  Starting Friday, I am going to start getting some things quilted so I can get them finished.  Having a bunch of tops around is fun, but it will be more fun to have finished quilts.
Tomorrow, I start my weekly three days with Bella.  Until Friday, joyful quilting everyone.


Karen said...

I love the color combination. The orange seems to float in the quilt. I am looking forward. To seeing the border. Have a grat time with Bella.

Nifty Quilts said...

The quilt looks great! Those orange balls will be fun for quilting.

Linda at Roscoe's Ma said...

This quilt does have it!

Snoodles said...

That is looking great! I love having the HSTs left from a project...I have some from the picnic quilt that I'm making. Fun!