Saturday, August 20, 2011

Extreme to serene

The black, white and green quilt top is done.  I am really happy I decided to put in the black shashing/inner borders.  I am going to do a black binding to finish the design.  Now, I just have to make decisions about the backing and the quilting.  This is going to finish up at 52" x 52".

After working with all that exciting black and white, I decided I needed to work on something more serene.  Yesterday, I went on a quilt play date with a really gifted quilter, Sharon.  She taught me how to do an inset circle that is so easy, I just want to make tons of them.  They will go in my favorite list along with flying geese, churn dash and friendship stars.  This afternoon, I grabbed some batiks and built this small block.  It is about 8" x 11".  I am going to experiment more with blocks that convey the same mood and see what I can create.
Tomorrow, Tom and I are working a wedding event to see if we can pick up some new wedding clients.  I will miss being in my studio, but I always enjoy meeting excited brides to be.
Have a great Sunday, and joyful quilting, everyone.


Sarah Craig said...

Love the quilt - you're right, the black sashing is just the right touch. The colors are wonderful. And that block! Very zen.....

Cathy said...

Love how the sashing has makes the quilt sparkle. It really looks nice.

Wish I lived close to you. I would love to learn how to do inset circles.


tropicslady said...

The quilt top is absolutely stunning! And I love the block you made with the batiks. Please share how easy it is to make inset circles when you get a spare moment, LOL LOL. Deb

sheila 77 said...

The quilt is unusual with these colours, I like it very much. Yes,
as Deb suggests, could you possibly share the circle method. Your little block is lovely.