Thursday, August 25, 2011

A circle, a gift, and a new challenge

This is a detail of the newest circle piece I am working on.  With the method I learned recently, you can make it so there is a piping effect around the circle.  I love the way this purple piping sets the circle off.   Here is the whole piece so far.

I chose the oranges and greens to mimic sunset over a bayou.  The sticks remind me of wooden posts you might see at the end of a pier or at a fishing camp.  I thought the orange and green batik at the bottom of the orange/purple pieces (third strip down) worked well as a transition piece.  When I think of a bayou, I think of rich deep greens, and heavy air.  I think of the sounds of frogs, fish jumping, and gently movement of the water.  I think of the deep south.  I don't know if this is a finished piece, or just the beginning of something larger.  Time will tell.

This is a piece of wide waled corduroy.  The colors are pretty true to the piece.  Did you know that November 11, 2011 is National Corduroy Day (NCD)?  One of the members of a wonderful quilting group called the Rebels brought this piece of fabric to the meeting yesterday and challenged us each to make a block for NCD.  I have looked at it all day today, and have no idea what to do with it yet.  I am thinking of adding some bright colors, maybe reds and purples.  I may even add some purple corduroy I have.  I have a while to come up with something.  As I always say, I do love a challenge.  This one is a doozy.

I also was given a very wonderful small piece of fabric to play with at the same meeting.

This is one of several Virgins of Guadalupe on a panel.  There were four up for grabs, and I was lucky to get this one.  I am going to have fun building a quilt around this lovely lady.
Have a joy filled quilting weekend.


Sarah Craig said...

I love that bayou sunset piece - it's absolutely perfect!

Jann Gougeon said...

Wow, Miki! I enjoy seeing the evolution of your work!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the circular quilt - do you dye your own fabrics........ You are so talented I feel so pale in comparison, LOL. TTYL

Em said...

Mimi, what a buffet of beauty and potential! Can u imagine my reaction when I saw the Mary?!!!! I have not see that design around her in my projects and it will command grandeur! Cannot wait to see what you do with her! Love, Em