Sunday, June 26, 2011

Solid fabric art challenge

Over at 15 Minutes Play, some of us are participating in a new challenge swap.  We are to select a work of art and interpret it using solid fabrics and the methods we have been learning at 15 Min.  These mini quilts are to be 15 inches square and are to be done by August 1.  I have gone through three choices of paintings before I decided on this one.  It is Improvisation 7.
My partner likes Kandinsky, and is doing a fantastic quilt for me inspired by Kandinsky circles.  You can see what she has done so far here.  I have been working on what I see as the background.  My next step is to work on the foreground.  I am pulling fabrics and cutting pieces as I think I might need them.  My goal is not to reproduce the painting, but to use it as an inspiration and guide.  Right now, I don't like the black and white area at the top left.  I am going to have to slice it and add something else to make it look the way I want.  The finished portion is laying on a 15" square of paper so I have a sense of where I am going size-wise.  So far, I am really enjoying this process.
Joyful quilting, everyone.


Nancy B said...

It's wonderful so far! Looking forward to watching your progress.

marylouweidman said...

Gorgeous! Nice colors and you are getting it! This rocks!