Friday, April 15, 2011

Playing with color - a little block

I have spent the week doing things other than sewing.  On Tuesday, after watching Bella all day, I cooked a Cambodian dinner for 15 women.  More about that later.  On Wednesday, I watched Bella.  On Thursday, I went to my Bernina class to learn how to use all the bells and whistles on my new machine. In the afternoon, I started getting ready for my trip to Bremerton to my sister's.  I will be staying here for a week (with two days back home to take care of Bella and go to guild meeting).  I am cat sitting while Sis and BIL go on a cruise.  The photo above is one of the views from the deck.  It is a Washington State Ferry leaving for Seattle.  To prepare for this week, I sorted and bagged many projects to work on while I am here.  My sister has a new Bernina that I am going to love working on.  It has more bells and whistles than mine.

One of the many projects I brought was pieces for a block I need for my color class on Tuesday.  I am going to be talking about playing with color outside of theory and rules.  I have a strong background in the formal study of color, but I like to step outside that box every now and then.  One of the things I am going to challenge the group to do is pick out two colors they really don't like together.  Then, we are going to play with other colors that make those two colors work.  For me, it is brown and yellow.  I really don't like this combination.  So, I picked up some teal and orange and designed a block that woud make me like the brown and yellow together.  This one works for me. 
So, why did I cook a Cambodian dinner on Tuesday night?  I have joined a local chapter of Dining For Women.  Please go check out this site.  We have someone in our group who has thoroughly vetted the organization, and I think it is a very worthy program.  Each month, the organization dedicates all money raised during the month to women and children's organizations in developing countries around the world.  Each month features a different country and our group has decided that each month, a small group of women will fix the meal using recipes from the featured country.  This month was Cambodia.  I get to cook again in November when India will be featured.
That's is it for today.  While I sit back and enjoy the evening on the water, I want to leave you with this question.  
What colors do you really dislike together, and
what other colors could you use to make them work for you? 
Joyous quilting, everyone.

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Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Anytime I have said, I don't like... I end up doing those colors... I did a post a while back about hating purple and gold as it was my school colors... Separately I love them. together, not so much... BUT, I think I just made something purple and gold.. so go figure... really, there are no bad colors, or mistakes.. it's a challenge to work it out, if whats in front of you presents itself as a challenge...
White. Now there is a color that I fight with... LOL!