Saturday, February 2, 2013

Catching up

This is where I am so far with the D9P quiltalong hosted by Freda at Adventures of the Empress of the Universe. Take a look at what is being done at the Flickr site.  I still have a few units to add and some rearrangements to make before I start sewing this top together.
In the meantime, I have finished sewing Bella's baby sister's quilt top together.  I have the backing for it and I think I am going to use that satiny feeling blanket binding just for the texture.  This is very different from the extra bright one for the grandson due in May.  Now I need to quilt them both.
In a completely different direction, I finished the mini spider web top.  I did a few new things for this quilt.  The spider web, the Dresden plates, and the piano keys are all new for me.  The top and bottom borders are from a cotton linen jacket that was a size 18.  Now that I am a size 8, I thought it would be nicer to use it in a quilt rather than keep it around to grow back into.  It was too nice to throw away, and I liked the colors so I kept it.
Lastly, I finished my addition to the first round of the 2013 Improvi-Robin.  Take a look and see what is going on this year.  Most of us from last year joined again, and we added a couple of new people.  You can see below that block I received.  The rules for this Robin encourage improvisation.  I really enjoyed playing with this start.  All the rest of them are going to be just as much fun.
Amish shoofly leftovers
I am still working on the Criss Cross string quilt.  I spent some time cutting strips to measure today for another couple or rows. I figure if I have units cut and ready to sew, I can sew a unit or two when I have a few free minutes. It won't be fast, but it will get done.
Tomorrow, I will be working in the studio while Tom watches the Super Bowl. I will post what I get done.  Until then, joyful quilting everyone.


Impera_Magna said...

You are ahead of me with your D9P... I think I got burned out pushing the baby quilt thru! Love the blue you're using in the quilt... pulls the squares together nicely.

You've been very busy... so many beautiful things you're working on!

Cathy said...

I always enjoy seeing what you are working on. Very inspiring. Hugs

sheila 77 said...

Lovely to see your beautiful work, Miki. I especially like the mini spider web which looks very complex to be a mini, and I love your blue Round Robin piece. I like what you have done to the block you received.

Sharon said...

like your criss cross string block, that is so different!

Sarah Craig said...

Lots of pretty things to look at, but I really love Bella's sister's quilt! Those pops of red are wonderful!