Monday, September 17, 2012

Playing and cutting

After spending the morning going to my ballet class and picking up Bella at her new pre-school, I had to run around doing some errands.  When I got home, I wasn't sure I was up to going into the studio, but after lunch and a Reginicare, I was ready to play.  This one really only took me 15 minutes.  I put it with the other three and I couldn't resist trying them against a dark background.
This first piece I found was really too small to get the full effect, but I decided it was too dark, and too blue/teal.  I wanted something darker, but not this.  I rooted around for a larger piece of fabric I could live with.
I found this piece of batik I had been hoarding and petting for a long time.  I think I have a little over a yard and a half.  I really like the way it works with these light blocks.  I am going to measure carefully and what I have will determine the size of this project.  Who knew I would enjoy working with lights? 
After playing with the lights, I turned my attention to the Marcia Derse group.  I re-did my math for the third time and finally felt comfortable enough to start cutting.  My finished quilt will have 12 14" blocks like the block I showed yesterday.  The sashing will be 2 1/2" wide and I will have two borders.  As you can see, I am using very light sashing.  It is a pale blue batik and it goes nicely with all the Derse fabrics I have.  Each little pile is for one block.  I discovered that I can make two blocks with each quarter yard of Derse fabric.  Next time, I will buy more.  Does anyone out there know where I can buy more here in the Seattle area? 
Ballet class was much harder today because we used the barre for the first time.  On Wednesdays, we rely on balance, so I am not able to stretch as far. I know I am going to feel this tomorrow. Taking up ballet at 65 is quite an adventure.  I am very glad I am blessed with a good sense of humor.
Until next time, joyful quilting - and dancing - everyone.


Annie said...

The lights on the batik look great

Mary Keasler said...

WAY TO GO MIKI. I am so impressed that you are a dancing girl now. Love the lights with the darks!