Saturday, April 7, 2012

Victoria's Color Challenges on 15 Minutes Play

If you are interested in taking a challenge to work with colors that may be outside your regular color choices, be sure and stop by 15 Minutes Play where Victoria has come up with a fun new color challenge.  Each Wednesday, she will post a new color to play with.  Our first color is

There seems to be quite a bit of difference of opinion about just what color mauve is.  I happen to like the color, but it turns out not to be a favorite of most quilters who are playing along.  Fortunately, my Sister-In-Law had a piece in her stash, and I brought my favorite scraps, so I was ready to play.

The mauve borders are 3" wide, so that should give you some idea about the size of the block I created.  This is the block style I intend to create for each color.  I hope I like the rest of the colors in the challenge, 12 in all, as much as I like this one.  At least I hope I can create something interesting that I can live with.  I am sure Victoria will throw in a brown at some point, and I will just have to cope.  After all, it is a challenge. 

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Impera_Magna said...

Lovely.... looking forward to seeing the other challenge blocks!