Saturday, April 7, 2012

More fabric shopping

On Thursday. Willa and I drove to Annapolis, MD to visit  Cottonseed Glory.  This is a lovely little quilt shop with a great collection of wonderful fabrics.  I loved browsing through the batiks, the Kaffe Fasset Collective collection, and the color walls.  There were many fabrics I wanted, but I only bought a couple of pieces.  The prices in this shop were higher than the other places we have visited unless you looked around for the older bolts.  The fat quarters were $3.00, but Annapolis is a very pricey tourist town, and I am sure the rents are high.  It was wonderful to see all the fabrics they had.

After we left Annapolis, we crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge heading to Easton for another fabric shop.  This is one of the world's best bridges, I think.  It was great fun to be a passenger and look at all the beautiful scenery as we crossed the bay.  Next stop was lunch.

We ate at the Fisherman's Inn, right near the water.  I had forgotten how good a shrimp boil could be.  Willa had a steam pot of mussels that looked very tasty.  It is interesting to try and stay on my diet when there is so much great food here to eat.  This restaurant had a very impressive, and large, collection of oyster plates displayed wherever there was wall space.

This is the small shop in Easton.  The collection of fabrics is small, but I found several pieces I had to have.  The plum colored PT Cruiser is the car Willa drives.  It is very comfortable for tooling around and visiting quilt shops.
Now, for the fabric.

Friday, we went into DC to see a couple of memorials I hadn't seen.  I will post those photos tomorrow or Monday.
Tomorrow is Easter.  I hope you all have a joy filled day.


Impera_Magna said...

Annapolis is a lovely town... looks like you two had a great day!

Snoodles said...

What fun to be shopping and finding new places to enjoy the local food! Lovely fabrics.
Happy Easter!

Auntie Pami said...

G street fabrics is fun, can't recall the others I used to go to, one in fairway too

Auntie Pami said...

Fairfax va

QuiltSwissy said...

The fabrics are definitly great choices! LOL. But then I am sure I would have said that about any of them you chose!


Denise :) said...

Hi Miki! Barbara assigned us as swap partners for May's doll quilt swap. I came over to take a look at your blog and was so tickled to find this entry on Annapolis! I grew up right outside of Annapolis and later lived in the town itself. My husband and I even spent our wedding night in the historic district! Such a quaint and lovely town--it always brings fond memories. I don't have the opportunity to visit too often, though I will this summer. Thanks for the heads up on the quilt shop to visit while I'm there! May's swap should be a fun one. Do you have a favorite flower/s??!! Denise :)