Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project updates

The iris is finished.  I used several different Superior King Tut threads for the quilting and the thread play.  I chose two purple blends to applique and outline the flower petals as well as the thread play.  I have never done thread play before, and just tried it based on what I have seen on the web.  It was sort of fun, but made me a little tense.  I was so happy with the flower, I didn't want to ruin it.  In the end, it comes close to matching the image I had in my head, but I can definitely use more practice.  I used a green blend thread to do all over stippling on the green background.   This piece was great fun for me, for the most part.  I enjoyed going through Tom's photos to find the right flower.  I had fun sketching it out, deciding what parts to leave in and how to simplify the drawing to make a quilt.  I had fun selecting the fabrics, and all the rest.  I decided on a batik that has a light value for the binding.  It is hard to see in the photo, I think it works well.  With this finished, and Rhumba complete, I only have Farmer's Market to complete for the quilt show.  I think I will get that quilted tomorrow.

While I was in a quilting mood, I took the solid challenge off the design wall and quilted it.  Before I did, I drew what I wanted on the paper I was using for size.  Then I quilted the straight lines, followed by the circles.  There was something missing, so I chose three small areas to to small stippling.  I am pretty pleased about this piece, except for the bits of puckering I just couldn't get rid of.  At one point, I thought about starting another piece instead, but stuck with this one because I really liked the way it looked.  I hope my swap partner will overlook the flaws and enjoy it for the overall look.
We are having summer here for a few days.  It is quite beautiful and warm.  We finally felt a need to turn on the fans.  Summer is quite a treat around here, when it arrives.  I am hoping the strawberries in the yard begin to produce some fruit.  The blueberry bushes are full and are beginning to get ripe.  Bella loves to pick the blueberries.  We gave up on the hope for tomatoes this year.  Maybe next year.  I am still hoping for a raised bed garden, but we have to find a space where it will get enough sun besides the front yard.  For now, we do what we can.
Joyful quilting, everyone.


Lisa said...

Your Iris is wonderful! Boy that came out great!!! I love your solids challenge too. I started mine tonight and it is really a challenge, but one I am enjoying. Enjoy those blueberries. ox

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Both of these are fantastic! I love the quilting you've done on them.

Linda said...

You did a great job on the iris!!! And I love the other quilt too!!!

Cathy said...

Here that sound....It is me clapping and saying Bravo!!! Your Iris is magnificent. You should be very proud. Love you solid challange quilt. Glad you finally have summer. It has been so hot and humid here. Today is finally cooler and less humidity. Enjoy your summer. Hugs

Impera_Magna said...

Your iris is so lovely, Miki! Now you'll have the beautiful flower to enjoy year 'round!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others, the iris is lovely - but I am so taken with the solids challenge piece. That is gorgeous!! I love it!
We have tons of blueberries ripening here in SC - I am trying to find freezer space so we can enjoy them in the wintertime!
Jacque in SC

Sarah Craig said...

Oh, Miki, both pieces are gorgeous! If your swap partner doesn't like it, you can send it to me!!!