Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two new borders

After seeing the beginning of this quilt on the design wall, Tom pulled one of his Hawaiian shirts and gave it to me to use.  I cut it up, then cut the strips into units to sew together for this border.  The stylized drawings and the white flowers are all from the same shirt.  The colors go perfectly with the fabric in the original piece.  With this border, the project began taking on a definite island trend.

I pulled out a larger piece of the same anthurium fabric I used in the center section, and created a wide border.  Now, it is 41" square.  I want to grow it to at least 60".  I am not really sure what comes next.  I will leave it on the design wall while I work on other projects and see what it says to me.
On another note, there is a wonderful new online quilting class starting over at Chasing Cotton.  It will start on April 6, and it is free. The first week will be all about fabric.  This is aimed at people who are relatively new in the quilting world, but Rebecca is asking that experienced quilters tag along as well.  I will be heading over there each week.  I am looking forward to learning new things about my chosen obsession.
Joyful quilting, everyone.

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Quiltstory said...

What great blocks! Thanks for linking up to Quiltstory!