Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday in the Studio

Today, I spent much of the day in the studio, but most of what I did was prep for bigger projects. I started designing a Rhapsody Quilt based on Ricky Tim's instructions. I watched part 1 of his show on Rhapsody quilts and got very intrigued. I am not sure how I feel about all the applique that is involved, but I love the look of this genre of quilt. I have designed the basic background for the quilt and some of the applique shapes. So far, I think it is doable. I may scan the design when I get it all drawn in.

I also worked on another 15 minute block for the intuition quilt. These are all going to be 6.5 inches. Yesterday, I thought I would alternate them with some strings I built, but today, I decided I would alternate them with friendship stars. That is the wonderful thing about this quilt. I am just following my intuition.

Section 4 of the Oh My Stars quilt was posted yesterday. This is what it looks like so far. As I anticipated, I ran out of the light color I was using in the other sections, and had to start using something else. I am determined to make this quilt completely from my stash, so I am pretty limited. I don't have much in the way of really light fabric. I have three 4 inch blocks to make to finish this section, then I will put it all away until March.

One of the wonderful things I have discovered about quilting is that it is teaching me real patience. The world just seems to get busier and crazier as time passes. Maybe it is my age, but I feel a need to escape the insanity. When I get into the studio, I feel very peaceful. Not so long ago, I was always in a hurry to get things finished. I wanted to see the end result. With quilting, I really enjoy the process. I can't make it go any faster, or I make mistakes I don't want to have. So, I am just being patient, enjoying the process. It will all get done in time.

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em's scrapbag said...

Fun things going on here. I agree enjoying the process is the most important part.