Monday, January 3, 2011

Today, I ripped out as many seams as I sewed. I guess this is the way I am going to learn. These are the three blocks I managed to complete. The one on the upper right is a wonky log cabin. (I told you I was embracing wonky.) I had the most fun with this free form scrappy block. I only used scraps that were pretty small. I ended up with a six inch block I really like. I will try and make one of these each time I go into the studio. Eventually, I will have enough to make a lap quilt. That would be very cool.
The block on the lower right is a five inch pinwheel block. For some reason, I had loads of trouble with this small easy block. I just could wrap my head around the geometry. I am very pleased that I finally conquered it. It is not my favorite pattern, but it had to be done.
The largest block is a twelve inch block in a traditional pattern. This one really threw me for a long time. It was, once again, a matter of me trying to adapt a pattern without the necessary knowledge. In this case, I wanted to use flip and fold instead of trying to peace triangles. Unfortunately, I did not measure right and ended up with triangles that were too small. I am going to look for a tutorial on how to measure correctly for this method.

This is a photo of the fabrics I have chosen for the disappearing nine patch. The bottom fabric is the inspiration for the rest of the colors. I am still thinking about the light purple. It really stands out in this photo. I may not use it, but I do want some light colors.

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Mac said...

great blog. love the new studio. Kim