Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another 12" Star Block

I finally got a 12 inch block I am pleased with. All the points are in the right spots. The measurements came out right. I like the colors, even though they do not show up well in this photo. I took it in really poor light at the end of the day in the studio. The orange is not nearly as muddy at this looks.
Before I started this, I spent time figuring out what size to cut squares to get the half square triangles the size I want. The method I use is to put two squares together, front sides facing. Then I sew a 1/4 inch seam all around the block. Then, I cut from corner to corner twice. I learned this method from Jenny Doan at Missouri Star Quilters. Some people don't like that the resulting squares are on the bias, but I have not had any problems with that so far. I learned that I need two five and a half inch squares to make four three and a half inch half-square triangles. It was worth the time to figure this all out.
Tomorrow, another 12 inch block, and more fun with fabric.

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