Monday, October 1, 2012


There are days when synchronicity amazes me.  I went to my ballet class this morning, in spite of not wanting to go.  It was as hard as I imagined it would be.  There are days I question the wisdom of starting ballet at 65, but then I come home and am treated to this ballet outside my window.  Madame Spider has been working hard to create a new home, in spite of the fact that it will probably have to be rebuilt over and over again because it is using a slender fuchsia flower as one of the anchor points.  As I watched, I was reminded of my newest quilting project - you knew I was going to get there eventually, didn't you?
So, I went into the studio and pulled some strips out of the scrap bin and created another piece to the kaleidoscope.  It is great fun to see how these look once the wedges are cut.
This is how they look together so far.  As I was pulling strips today, I found a Jacob's piece with mostly purple.  I am going to have to move to another bin to make a block with it.  My goal is to have this be very colorful.  That will be a stretch since I seem to stick with favorites all the time.  I am intentionally putting something lighter in each block, so at least I am working on that.  I still haven't figured out what to do with the filler squares, but I may do some 15 Minute Play blocks and see what happens.
I also took some time to cut the batik pieces for the Kansas Sunflower.  I think I am going to like this one much better because of the contrast.  I may have to go back and redo the paisley one.  Oh, joy!  By the time I am done, I will get good at this block.  If that happens, look out world.  Then I will be able to do anything!
The next three days are Bella days.  I may try and squeeze in a kaleidoscope block or two.  Until next time, joyful quilting, everyone.


Willa said...

Once again, very inspiring blocks!

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

Miki I really like your kaleidoscopes, I've never done one but I think they're the bomb! Love the colors you're using.