Friday, August 31, 2012

What do you think?

This is the piece from my international robin.  I love it.  The kanji in the lower left means friendship, which is perfect since I feel I am friends with all the people who worked on this piece.  I am perfectly happy with it as it is, but . . . .Willa and I found some wonderful fabric when she was here that might make it even more interesting.  Certainly it will make it bigger.  Please leave a comment with your input about the following auditions.
Audition 1 has a panel of one of the fabrics with Chinese scholars at the top and the other with the dragons at the bottom.
Audition 2 has the scholars at the top and bottom.
Audition 3 has the dragons at the top and bottom. 
I am not tied to any of these, so anything you have to add will be very helpful, even if you suggest leaving the piece as it is.  Thank you for your input.
Joyful quilting, everyone.


roccagal said...

I love this-lucky you! I like option 1 with the 2 fabrics added! I think it it more in keeping with the rest of the block!

Impera_Magna said...

I like the dragons but the scholars are cool... could you sew them on so they are "facing each other" across the block?

Of course... I like the block as is too!

Karen said...

I like audition 2. I like all the different colors in #2 brings to the block.

Rosa said...

I love audition 2.Love your fabrics choice!!

Willa said...

If you add something, scholars on top and bottom is my vote with more beyond that. I still like it as it is though. Again, I think time and sharing it with Rebels would be good.

Sarah Craig said...

I like Audition #2 - it makes the round robin piece stand out. Whoop whoop for such a pretty piece!!