Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tom's Table Runner

Every once in a while, Tom will go with me to a fabric store, and it is always a treat.  Last week, Tom took Willa and me to the Quilt Barn in Puyallup, Washington so Willa could find some mint green fabric for her project.  Tom patiently wandered among the rows of beautiful fabrics and found three remnants he really liked.  He picked the green, red/orange/green mottled, and the red batik.  He then saw a table runner design he really liked.  As I was wandering around, I found a wonderful piece of fabric with big flowers to use in the center squares.  What you see on the left are the four squares for the runner.  We have been auditioning sashing and borders, and I think we have come to consensus and this will be finished some time next week.

In the meantime, I have a new design wall!  Willa's husband, David, arrived on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, he and Tom went to the hardware store to pick up the sound proofing boards to build a permanent design wall for my studio.  Up until now, I have been using a piece of felt attached to the wall by thumb tacks.  It has served its purpose, but was frustrating as the pieces got bigger and heavier and would no longer stick by friction.  Now, I can stick pins in the pieces to keep them up.  All that remains is to staple the felt to the boards and it is good to go.  It may not be fancy, and it certainly wasn't expensive, but I totally love it.  Thank you David and Tom!

Finally, I finished quilting the July Doll Quilt Exchange quilt and it will be on its way to Germany this afternoon.  Now, I can think about what to do for August.  My partner for this month is Sharon from Vrooman's Quilts.  The theme is Sunny and Warm.  This means I get to work with my favorite palette!  Let the fun begin!

Have a wonderful weekend, and joyful quilting, everyone.


sheila 77 said...

Table runner is looking good. It's always interesting when The Man chooses some fabric - often a little bit different from what we would have chosen.

Sharon said...

The table runner blocks look great. You whipped those up fast!
The little quilt is so cute. What fun piecing.

Nathalie said...

Love your July doll quilt. Anything with churn dash blocks always catch my eye, but I really love the way the other 4 blocks move your eye around the quilt.