Saturday, April 14, 2012

Traditional small quilt, Ochre color challenge fabrics

I can't show all of this doll quilt, but these are the some of the yellows, greens, and purples I have used.  I have used two very traditional blocks in this quilt.  Can you guess what they are?  If anyone tries to tell you that making minis takes much less time than bigger quilts, it is safe to assume they are pulling your leg.  There is just as much cutting, although the cuts are shorter.  There is just as much sewing, although the seams are shorter.  There are just as many corners to match and points not to lose.  This top has been great fun.  I am thinking of quilting it with Bishop's Fans, but have to learn how to do that first.  My initial sketch did not look very good. Back to the drawing board.

This weeks color challenge at 15 Minutes Play is Ochre.  I happen to love this color.  There is such a great variety in ochre from the deep reddish browns to the golden tans.  I dug through my scraps, and found a couple of deconstructed shirts as my base and pulled the other colors to go with it.  I may get time to build the block tomorrow, but it may have to wait until Monday.  If I have time after my tasting event, I may get to it. 
If not, until Monday, joyful quilting, everyone.

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Cathy said...

Love your Doll quilt peek. Can't wait to see the whole thing. At first glance I thought it was a quilt block. In fact I would like to try it as a quilt I haven't had time to start the color challange many projects to finish but like you I love Ochre. Hugs