Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making Bee Blocks

Today, I decided to get some of my February Bee blocks made.  This one is for the Comfort Group Quilting Bee.  There are  ten members in this group.  The goal is for each person, when she is queen, to collect two blocks from the other members and make a quilt to give to someone who is really in need.  This bee was started by Angie at Summerfield Quilts.  My turn to be queen is in August.  I enjoyed making these blocks.  They helped me practice matching my points and corners.

This one is for Hive #1 at Stash Bee.  It is my second block for Hive #1.  I am also queen of Hive #2 this month, and people are making me some really beautiful strip pieced blocks in the colors of the rainbow.  There are 18 to 20 people in each hive.  Hive #3 has just started, so if you are interested, head over to Stash Bee and get signed up.  Sunni at Love Affair With My Brother started this bee. 
This block started out fine, then about half-way, I felt like I was getting lost.  I know some people paper-piece this pineapple block, but these instructions did not include paper piecing, so I tried it this way.  It is my first pineapple block, and once I figured out what I was doing, I enjoyed it.  The queens choice of red and black is very dramatic.  Unfortunately, I only had black solid.  Others are making blocks with various mostly black fabrics.  One thing that was reinforced for me today is that I really don't like working with black fabric any more than I like working with white.  My eyes are just not good enough any more to see what I am doing on the black.  Too bad, though, because I do love the dramatic effects.
I signed up for three bees and a round robin this year as part of my skill improvement plan.  These two blocks were great for that.  As an added bonus, I also got to practice my patience skills on the pineapple block.  I worry that my blocks will not be just what the queen is looking for, but for now, I will continue to do my best and hope it is good enough.
Joyful quilting, everyone.


Samantha said...

I love the Pineapple blocks you made Miki and I thank you wholeheartedly! I'm so very excited to get to put them in my quilt. :)

Also those other blocks you posted for your other Bee are gorgeous!

Linda at Roscoe's Ma said...

I think your bee blocks are beautiful. I love the combo of pink and yellow with the black and blue.

Margaret said...

Your color choices on those first blocks are wonderful ... just love them!

Karen said...

You have done a great job on the bee blocks. I like you pineapple blocks. They are stunning.

Anonymous said...

All of your blocks are great Miki, and I especially love the two you sent to me. The colors are wonderful. Thank you.