Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bella and the doll

Bella liked the doll and has named her Dolly.  She even shared some of the stuffed friends from her bed with Dolly.  Later, Dolly went jumping on the new trampoline Santa brought Bella.  Dolly and Bella skipped nap today.

Dianne, Bella's other quilting grandma, made this incredible mini for me.  It is about 15" square.  I have always admired the Tree of Life pattern, but this is amazing.  Those HSTs are so tiny!  Thank you so much, Dianne.  I love it.

My SIL sent me these two wonderful fabrics from Africa.  The one on the right says it is from Ghana.  They are both "Guaranteed Wax."  Thank you, Willa.  I love them.

Tom had great fun in the fabric store.  In addition to a generous gift certificate, he picked out thesebeautiful fabrics.  Most are fat quarters, At least one is a half yard.  He also got me the clippies for hand binding.  He was laughing at me using my hair clips.  The green pin cushion is also from Tom and the red one is from Bella and her parents.  I am a very lucky woman to have so many supportive loving people in my family.
Have a joy filled day, everyone.


Rebecka said...

Thanks for sharing the photo of Bella and her gifts. I can tell she really likes the doll, quilt and bed. No wonder she skipped her nap. Too much fun! I really love that fabric with the eyes that you said is from Ghana. Where do you get the African fabrics like those? You really scored and yes, you are lucky to have such a great family!!

Sarah Craig said...

Bella is so beautiful (looks a lot like you!) and looks like she just loves Dolly to pieces! (Lilli has a "Dolly" too!) I bet they will be the best of buddies! Looks like you had a good haul for Christmas, too! Aren't we lucky our husbands are willing to brave the fabric store!

Kathie said...

So happy Bella was thrilled with her doll and bed, I knew she would be!
nice fabrics and BEAUTIFUL tree of life quilt
amazing its such little pieces, just beautiful, lucky you!