Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two new Jacob's Ladder blocks

Loving these florals!
I am getting closer to having two tops complete, the JL and the BOM.  I also need to finish Hokule'a, the Christmas challenge, and some Christmas gifts.  That doesn't include the hand quilting I need to finish.  Isn't life fun when you have projects to look forward to?
Joyful quilting, everyone.


Ann Marie said...

Just got back from vacation. I have all my pieces cut and sewn into sections. I am just now putting the blocks together. I did 15 today. Hoping to get the rest done tomorrow. So I can start sewing mine together. I am making mine a bit different than the traditional JL, so it is quite the puzzle to keep track of which block goes where. You can watch my progress at if you wish. I should have some photos maybe tomorrow.

Snoodles said...

Those florals are beautiful! Love seeing your work.

Sarah Craig said...

Your JL is going to be gorgeous! I love the way you're using the florals with the solid. Very pretty!