Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A new fish

This one makes six. 
 I think my mojo walked out the door this morning when Priscilla (my Juki) and I had some difficulty over a new kind of thread my client wants me to use on her quilt.  I am afraid, it is so bad that I am going to have to get Priscilla's bobbin case fixed or replaced.  I also had to rip out about 12" by 85" of quilting.  It looked fine on the top, but when I started to roll it up, it was a mess.  I am still new enough at this that I didn't automatically check to see if the back was alright before I got that far.  Priscilla didn't do her part in warning me, either.  Anyway, it has been on my mind all day and my studio work suffered.  Only one fish all day?  That is sad.  At least I like the fish.  I only have six more fish for the swap, unless I decided to send one directly to Mary Lou.  Then I would need seven more.  Decisions, Decisions.
If you are interested in the Soul Blossom giveaway, you still have until tomorrow morning around 9:00 AM PST to enter here.
I hope you are all having a better day than I am.


Snoodles said...

Oh my, I can't imagine having to rip out that large an area of stitches. Bless your heart, you did have a difficult morning. Sure hope that you and Priscilla get on better terms (or should I say that she and the thread get happy with each other!). Maybe you will need to tell said client that the thread isn't going to work?

Lisa said...

Oh that is very distressing. Ripping out quilting? You and Priscilla need a better code! I hoe you can get that worked out quickly. Your fish look fabulous in any event!

Sarah Craig said...

Me and Tillie (my Juki) are having to make a trip to the shop tomorrow - my house call repairman couldn't get the timing right - she's still skipping stitches on the curves! I told the guy at the shop that I had fifteen quilts to get on the frame, so I think he's going to fix it while I wait - hopefully! So I feel your pain....... But I love your fish!!

Carol said...

Sorry to hear that Priscilla has been coughing up your client's special thread! Thought I'd share a tip that may help. I learned about this in a recent Sharon Schamber workshop put on by my guild. Simply pour some foodgrade mineral oil (available in pharmacy section of the store) into a small cup and let your spool of thread, and bobbin, sit in the oil and soak it up. Then, when it is all fully saturated, take the spool and bobbin out and dab off any excess oil. Now they're ready to go into your machine. Mineral oil won't harm your machine and it tames even the most difficult threads. I remember this step even with my regular Mettler cotton sewing thread and my machine stitches like a dream!