Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another AAQI quilt finished and fabric if you want it

This is my July AAQI mini.  It is 8" x 10".  I used the mariner's compass pattern I had from Hokule'a.  I liked the idea of the compass helping to point the way, unless you are lost inside the sea of your own brain with Alzheimer's.  The center is made fabric quilted with small stippling to represent the maze of that brain.  I also used small stippling on the background to show how confusing the world can become to someone with dementia.  This is foundation pieced and uses all batik fabrics.

One of my husband's friends came by with a very large box of fabric that had been collecting in their storage space.  There was a wonderful assortment of interesting fabrics.  One of the coolest thing was this selection of solids.  Each is a half yard to a yard.  This is a fantastic addition to my solids collection.  A month ago, I could only find a few small pieces in my stash.  Now, I am ready to work on my Matisse.
One of the pieces of fabric is this piece of  C. S. Shamash and Sons Inc #5574.  It is 4 yards of fabric depicting Plains Indians chasing buffalo. 

If anyone is looking for this fabric, I would love to send it to you.  I tried to find it online, but had no luck.  I know someone out there has been looking for just this piece of fabric.  If you know anyone who is looking for it, I will be happy to trade.    Just let me know.
I am leaving for San Francisco tomorrow morning.  I don't know how much blogging time I will have, but I will try to post updates.  Until next week, joyful blogging.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I love the mini quilt. You are so talented.

Impera_Magna said...

What a beautiful quilt for the AAQI! Love the batiks... fab purples!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful collection of solids! And I love your Farmer's Market quilt in the previous post! Have a safe trip.
Jacque in SC

Nancy B said...

New fabric is always a good thing - and free new fabric is the best!

Michele Bilyeu said...

A lovely quilt, Miki! And how great you got some free fabric...always such fun. But beware, as soon as you think you don't need something, someone will ask you for a quilt with that very fabric in it ;) I'm still searching for some fabric I buried in the garage 20 years ago. I needed it 3 weeks ago and can't for the life of me find it now ;) Such is the life of those of us who collect and scavenge and I am a one!