Saturday, May 21, 2011

Backing for the intuition quilt - finally

Some of may remember my intuition quilt that I started way back when I started this blog.  I have had the top hanging on the quilt rack for a long time now.  Today, I decided to figure out what to make the back with and get it quilted.  I found a wonderful piece of batik in the stash from my Quilt Fairy Merlyn.  I love that it looks like someone spilled tea all over it, then drew tufts of grass to make it more interesting.  I also had a piece of this stripped fabric with all the colors I love.  Then, I looked at the design wall and chose two of the blocks I made for 15 Minutes Play.  Once I measured all that I found, I figured out how to make it the size I needed, 54" x 56".  After I cut and sewed it all together, I cut a piece of batting the same size and put it on the frame.  Priscilla my Juki that I use for quilting) was excited to have another quilt to do, especially after I figured out that she is very fussy about the thread she will allow through her system.  I was reminded of that yesterday when I tried to use the pink Coats and Clark machine quilting thread I purchased.  I had to make a quick road trip downtown to the local shop that carries Superior King Tut.  Priscilla likes that thread very much.  Today, I chose the blue/green/purple multi.  I got everything loaded and the quilting went very smoothly.  After I trimmed it down, I sewed on the binding.  Now, it is waiting for me to hand stitch it down.  I will post a photo of the finished piece tomorrow.  I will be very happy to have this done and ready to cover my legs on the still chilly evenings.
Joyful quilting, everyone.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rasberry Lemonade finished

I stitched the last stitch on the binding this evening, before all the light faded, so I went outside to take some photos.  I quilted this with FMQ loopy hearts, then I added the dark pink hearts in the corner.  I just wanted to add more of the dark pink.  I am happy to have finished it on time, and that it turned out so cute and feminine.

I am also very excited that I won some fabric!  Hollie over at The Undercover Crafter picked me to win fat quarters of these lovelies.

I can't wait to see them in person.  I saw a quilt the other day that had grays with brights, and I really liked the look.  This is going to be fun.   Thanks, Hollie.
Joyful quilting, everyone!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Progress on the baby quilt - Rasberry Lemonade

Today, I got all the blocks pieced, the hearts stitched, and the top put together for the commission due on Saturday.  I sewed the borders on, cut the backing and sewed a strip of the medium pink up the middle, cut the backing, and put everything on the frame ready to quilt first thing tomorrow. 

I was very pleased with my fabric calculations for this quilt.  We bought just the right amount of fabric, and that is always nice.  No extra trips to the fabric store.   That is really good since I bought the last on the bolt of one of the fabrics.  I was pretty organized for this quilt.  I cut all the shapes I needed before I got started on the sewing.  Then, I sewed all the smaller units, like the flying geese and the center blocks.  This may seem like a no brainer to most of you, but it is a new practice for me since I do so much without patterns, just asking myself "what if I . . .?"  I am getting more comfortable making quilts with repeat blocks so I can now use chain stitching to its fullest extent.  What used to take me way too much time is now taking a reasonable amount of time.  I am still a slow stitcher, but I find the process so enjoyable, I don't feel a need to speed it up completely.  Even the process of putting the quilt on the frame went smoothly today.  The good thing about all this is that I will get the quilt done on time.  I will have plenty of time tomorrow afternoon and evening to stitch down the binding by hand and put the label in its proper place.  I will post a photo tomorrow when it is all finished.  I plan on using the darkest pink for the binding. 
In other news, look what arrived at my doorstep today!


Green Fairy Quilts had a sale on the fat eighth bundle of Perennial by Kansas Troubles for Moda.  I really like the Kansas Trouble Quilters designs, so I spent some of the money I am making with the commission quilt on these yummy fabrics.  I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but I have some ideas.  Right now, I am just going to enjoy petting them and enjoying all the great colors.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Productive Studio Day

After a very busy Sunday shooting a wedding with Tom, I finally got into the studio the 6" heart onto the SteamASeam paper, folded it in half, and cut about 3/4" in from the outside line.  That gave me a good rim around the heart, and the center is still soft and pliable.  After cutting out the 8 I needed, I took them to the pressing board and got them firmly adhered.  I was very pleased that my idea worked.  Now, I have 8 small SteamASeam hearts for another project.  This quilt has 16 8" blocks, 8 stars and 8 hearts.  I got all the parts cut and the flying geese and square units sewed together, so now I just need to stitch the hearts, and put the star blocks together.  I did get two of them together so you could see where I am going with this.

I noticed that the dark pink square is a bit wonky in this.  I think I can steam it straight.  For the hearts, I have decided to use different decorative stitches for them.  I may use four or eight, depending on my mood.  After I took this photo, I did another one and used a heart motif.  This one has a blanket stitch.  One of my readers suggested that this color combination reminds her of pink lemonade, so I am calling this one Rasberry Lemonade. 
Tomorrow and Wednesday, I am with my granddaughter.  Tomorrow night is guild.  I will get back to this quilt on Thursday.  I need to get it pieced on Thursday and on the frame Friday morning.  I haven't decided how I am going to quilt it yet, but I am sure it will be an all over pattern.  Maybe swirls and hearts.
Joyful quilting, all.