Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trying to find this fabric

Good morning, everyone.  It has been a long and busy time.  I have so much to share.  First of all, Janis the hen has learned to crow.  Apparently this is not unusual, but it is sure annoying.
Second, I was at the annual convention for Univera, the natural health products company I am associated with, and I won the 2012 Weight Management Throwdown!  It was a complete surprise, and loads of fun to be famous for a couple of days.
Because I only have limited time this morning, I will put off sharing what has been going on in the studio until the next post except for a couple of things.
First - Do you know what this fabric is called, who made it, and where I can get more?

Second is a sneak peak at the doll quilt for the August doll quilt swap.

I can't show the rest because my swap partner, the very talented Sharon Vrooman of Vrooman's Quilts, has been known to stop by here once in a while.
There is much more in the works - one piece I need to get finished today - so I will say goodbye for now.  Joyful quilting, everyone.