Friday, July 1, 2011

Design Wall today

This is my design wall today, July 1, 2011.  The Mola in the bottom right was one my mother bought many years ago.  Today, I rescued it from a broken frame.  Lots of WIPs right now.  I need to get at least four of these finished soon.
Have a wonderful 4th, everyone.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fabric Play

I started the day making a mug rug with scraps from other projects.  I needed something ready to show my sis how I do binding.  Very autumn-like, I think.

Next, I decided to make a mini for AAQI.  This one will finish at 9" x 10" with the binding.  I couldn't resist jumping into this Jacobs fabric.  It is one of the seashell fabrics.  I cut 1.5 inch squares and rearranged them to give a mosaic look.  I then did 1/4" sashing.   I added one larger solid block that picked up the orange in the main fabric.  I have to figure out how to quilt it now.  It reminds me of one of those domed aquariums where you stand in the middle and the fish swim all around you.

I ended my studio time with a little more work on my Kandinsky interpretation.  It is getting there.  There are still spaces to fill in.  I have been enjoying the process for this one.  No pattern or drawing.  Just cutting fabric that is the color I want and adding it to the mix.  I also have to figure out how to quilt this one when it is finished.

Tomorrow is another day to play with fabric.  Joyful quilting, everyone.

Quilt finish, Will's quilt, and new fabric

I finished En Vino Veritas just in time to put up the library display today.  After discussions with Tom and Will (SIL), I selected a dark gray/black batik for the binding.  I quilted the top with light lavender and the back with dark purple.  Here are some details of the quilting.


I decided to use a medium size overall stipple, because that is what I know how to do.  One of these days, I really need to set up a practice piece and learn to do something else.

Will started a new quilt for one of her sisters while she was here.  Don't you love the colors?  The sister is a strawberry blond and has a very traditionally styled house.  This is going to be perfect.

While Will was here, we visited quite a few quilt shops.  I did some stash building, as well as picked up some fabrics for a wedding quilt I need to get done before October 1.

I seem to be a sucker for these colors and the floral prints.  They jump off the shelf into my hands if they happen to be in whatever shop I enter.  One of these days, I may have enough to make a quilt.  I also love paisleys.  Go figure.

These are for the wedding quilt.  My sister thinks the greens are not right, so I will have to continue my search for the right green.  It is supposed to be kelly green.  If any of you know a line that has kelly green and white, please let me know.  I haven't found any yet.

Finally, I added to my tiny Jacobs collection. When I went into Island Fabrics and saw all that bright wonderful fabric on the walls, I was hooked.  I will build this stash a little at a time.  I am, however, going to make an AAQI quilt with the center fabric this weekend as my July quilt.

Will left today, so I have lost my quilt shop companion and have no excuses to be out of the studio for a while.  Joyful quilting, everyone.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Winner

 I can not figure out how to put that cute little random number generator here, but this is what came up. 
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The winner of the Sunbonnet Sue book is Sunnybec.  Congratulations.

Blogger Sunnybec said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I am trying to think of any tips I have picked up along the way as I have only been quilting since August last year. I especially like the one from Quilter in the Gap about the needles. I do sort of the same with my rotary cutter blades, I keep one of the plastic containers they come in, write "used" on it, and put all my used cutters in there, much safer than just throwing in the bin.

Thank you for all of you who entered the book giveaway.  I appreciate your interest. 
Joyful quilting, everyone.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Solid fabric art challenge

Over at 15 Minutes Play, some of us are participating in a new challenge swap.  We are to select a work of art and interpret it using solid fabrics and the methods we have been learning at 15 Min.  These mini quilts are to be 15 inches square and are to be done by August 1.  I have gone through three choices of paintings before I decided on this one.  It is Improvisation 7.
My partner likes Kandinsky, and is doing a fantastic quilt for me inspired by Kandinsky circles.  You can see what she has done so far here.  I have been working on what I see as the background.  My next step is to work on the foreground.  I am pulling fabrics and cutting pieces as I think I might need them.  My goal is not to reproduce the painting, but to use it as an inspiration and guide.  Right now, I don't like the black and white area at the top left.  I am going to have to slice it and add something else to make it look the way I want.  The finished portion is laying on a 15" square of paper so I have a sense of where I am going size-wise.  So far, I am really enjoying this process.
Joyful quilting, everyone.