Saturday, September 24, 2011

I am back

Since summer ended and I started spending three days a week with my wonderful granddaughter, I have had trouble getting into a regular studio routine.  Once I think I have it, other things seem to interfere like work that pays, visiting family, and whatever pops up.  Now, I am trying to establish a regular block of studio time.  Today, I was happily working in my studio, and got quite a bit done.

I am making progress on my small quilt for my Quilters, Books, and Bindings group.  I have added the stems, leaves, and started adding the flowers.  I decided to put a border on it so I could bring a couple of flowers out further.  At this point, it is all hand work waiting.  I will do that in the evenings or while Bella is napping.

I also worked on my Christmas quilt.  I couldn't resist adding the red and white as a border around the Virgin.  I started making several more blocks to help this quilt grow.  I am not sure how big I want it.  I guess I will keep making fabric until I run out of the fabric I am using.

Speaking of making fabric - I made the flowers for the top quilt out of some of my favorite Kaffe fabrics in my stash.  I decided to make some fabric using the left over pieces from the flowers.  I liked it so much, I have decided to make enough to make all the BOMs at the 15 Minute Play site so I will have a sampler quilt done by December 1.  I think I will pick up one of the blues for the background fabric in the blocks.  I am pretty excited about it.  I love the colors in these fabrics and I think they will make a fantastic quilt.  I just have to make lots of fabric.
My new schedule will have me in my studio Friday through Monday most weeks.  Those will be the days I post on the blog, as well.  Next weekend will be another exception, however.  I have my nephew's wedding and out of town family to spend time with.  In the mean time, I plan on posting tomorrow and Monday. 
Have a joy filled Sunday, everyone.